Free people, clothes need funding

As we start going into Summer, I face the upsetting Winter season clothing emails from the American stores flooding my Instagram feeds and inboxes – to get rid of the “urge” I’ve just dumped the links below 😉 in hopes that I’ll remember what inspires me come Winter wardrobe shopping time… what’s on your wishlist these days?

On the road [again]

Good morning and welcome to my new plate of life, it is surreptitiously full and unbalanced without me being aware of it so on a bad day but thankfully most days are good and are incredibly enjoyable due to my new bundles of joy…

We have a healthy 4 month old baby girl.

A healthy 6 month old boy puppy.

Makeup business on the edge of launching officially.

It has been a hectic past 12 months!

Baby boom?


Meet Baby McNichol…

Estimated due date: 21st October 2016.

Count up/down: 19 weeks.

Things I answer several times a day: yes I had all day nausea, yes it has calmed down WAY more in the last few weeks thankfully, yes I have had a 3 day migraine and also a head/chest cold and not been able to take anything for them unfortunately, yes we were trying (for about 2 months beforehand), yes I was taking Elevit since another 2 months before that but stopped taking it about 8 weeks in due to it making the nausea so much worse – I will be asking the Doctor at my 20 week appointment if I should bother taking it again now – and I was very ill, yes I think I have felt it move around, not sure if it is really kicking that I feel though as it is more kind of like the movement of a fish going past your leg in a lake versus actual punches and kicks (if that makes any sense), yes I had very stupidly vivid dreams and still do but they are not as bad in this trimester as such – it was keeping me up which was horrible to try and sleep for me, yes I had food aversions and lost weight due to the all day sickness or nausea in the first trimester, I weigh 5kgs less now than I did when I got pregnant but am slowly regaining appetite and about 500g a week, RIGHT NOW baby is approximately 16.5cm and 300.5g according to my BabyBump Pro Android app. Don’t you think it looked like an alien in some of those photos?? Baby was a bit lazy at our 12 week scan and barely moved around except to show us its back a bit and try and sit up further in my uterus and then sliding down. My husband said it is exactly like me when I don’t want to wake up and someone is trying to waken me. HAHA.

Other bits and bobs: apparently (according to the ladies I work with) as of about two weeks ago, I’ve been more obviously “pregnant” bloated looking in my stomach region, as opposed to not noticeably bigger or anything like that. I purchased maternity tights in the big Myer sale last weekend instead of my usual tights, in preparation for the fact that right now my tummy is so hard and round that my normal tights cut into my rounder abdomen halfway. I had not great skin the first few months but now it has kind of gotten better, it did not help that I could not use my usual anti-acne skincare while pregnant. I had to buy a new bra at about 10 weeks due to going up at least a cup size. I have had a couple of weird skin tags and what I actually thought was a third nipple (on my other nipple) come through which was scary. I think they’re on their way up to another size soon again by the feels of things and by what the midwife says happens around 20-22 weeks. Everybody wants to buy us pink or blue things but as we are NOT finding out what sex it is, I have merely suggested they use my favourite things as an idea or guide: grey, stripes, giraffes, bears, turquoise or aqua! I plan on painting the baby’s room a bright indigo sort of shade. I have a secret Pinterest board called “BABY DAZE” and a TickTick to do list on my phone. A friend got me the Kikki K Baby Notes book which is adorable, and very handy for writing down what people give us so I know to thank them. My mum got us a hammock for the first six or so months that baby will sleep in our room for (I am assuming at least that much, as it will be born coming into Summer and the worse of the warmer months in the Mackay climate). We bought a friends pram for cheap so I don’t have to stress about choosing one and if I or the baby cover it in crap it won’t matter so much. If my body lets me, I will definitely breastfeed. I plan on taking about 15 months off, maybe a little less if I am itching to get back to work.


I currently cannot think of anything else but I figured I would just blurt everything out here as I really enjoyed being able to read other people’s posts (albeit, other people’s more intelligible posts) about their pregnancies. My favourite to read were Elise Joy Cripe and Heidi Apples Under The Bed.

Oh and I am definitely feeling like I am part of another Baby Boom – I am one of four wives from my partners work crew who are pregnant and all expecting within 3 months of each other. Two ladies I have worked with previously are expecting (one is due with twins!), an old school friend is also expecting, and countless others. It is a bit crazy! Hopefully I won’t be screaming out for someone to attend mother’s group with, with all these other baby cooking machines out there. Go us.

Double oh, definitely thankful that we were able to fall pregnant so quickly as we and all medical types were fairly sure that it would be potentially very tricky as I have only one ovary and also have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), but it looks like 17 years of stressing in advance may have paid off? Who knows. Definitely feeling blessed though and do not take it for granted that is for sure that we were this lucky first time around.

Anyone else on the prego train? As my sister said, HAHA you’re gonna be fat! Baby fat!


Jack Cheng Quote DUSTYNMADE.jpg

Here goes nothing, turning my passion into a career. My safety net a little thinner every day, my heart beating furiously. If you’re scared AND excited, you can’t NOT do this. Or something like that, anyway. So a little notification here, to introduce to the world…

DAMN Beauty.

My makeup artistry business. 2016 is my year. Let’s do this!!

Here, ‘hear’


Due to a couple of cute but dysfunctional Eustachian tubes, I got grommets put in my ears on Tuesday morning just gone. Resulting in just a little bit of discomfort and the ongoing need to not get water in my ears until they’re gone. Woo. Currently no obvious sign of success as my problem was that my ears could not “POP” at all, and until the healing pressure goes away, we won’t know for sure that it is fixed, but hey. Thinking healing thoughts with lots of big mango smoothies and Netflix, right?

*cue lots of people mouthing the following words*
“… Can you hear me, Dustyn?”




My guiding word for the year. After listening to Elise Blaha Cripe’s podcast with Ali Edwards (episode 079), this word GREW in my mind as an overall defining and guiding word for my 2016.

It just fits. Off to a good start with a new potential business venture…